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HotShot™ Precision 2K Delivery System

HotShot Precision 2K Delivery System

HotShot technology uses compressed air to consistently deliver paint and activator in a precise ratio. Two components are stored in separate non-pressurized containers, accurately proportioned and delivered on demand.

HotShot... The Heart of the Precision 2K System
Hotshot is a self-contained fixed ratio pump and proportioning system that delivers two components in a precisely controlled ration. Unlike other proportioning devices, the HotShot has no gears to wear, levers to flip, or ratios to set!

Choose your solution— a metered dispensing system, or a metered spraying system.


Metered Dispensing

The HotShot's metered system features push-button operation that delivers a perfectly fixed ratio of activator and material into your favorite gravity or siphon gun cup.

The HotShot's flushing system is designed to make weekly cleaning easier and more operator-friendly. A single handle turns valves to direct either solvent or paint and activator to the dispenser.

Metered Spraying*

That's right! You can even paint directly from the HotShot! System B is a complete proportioned painting system.

Two components are proportioned by the HotShot System and mixed at the gun-mounted QuickFlush™ Static Mixer on demand, eliminating wasted premixed material.

Its patented design combines two-component materials as closely as possible to the fluid tip of the spray gun. The QuickFlush keeps the volume of mixed material to a minimum and reduces the amount of rinse solvent required—allowing a thorough flush in approximately five seconds or less with most materials!

*System B not shown. Different components are necessary for metered spraying. Contact Mattson for more information.


HotShot Metered Paint Delivery Systems
HotShot System A - Metered Paint Dispensing System

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