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AutoPilot™ Dual-Component Proportioning System
AutoPilot  Dual-Component Proportioning System

EZ Flush
AutoPilot System
Gun-Mounted Static Mixer with QuickFlush
EZ Flush System for Easy Weekly Maintenance
AutoPilot... The Heart of the Dual-Component System

The QuickFlush Static Mixer's patented design combines two-component materials as closely as possible to the spray guns' fluid tip, keeping the volume of mixed material to the absolute minimum. A wall-mounted static mixer is also available.

The EZ Flush is designed to make weekly cleaning easier and more operator friendly. A single handle turns valves to direct either solvent or paint and activator to the AutoPilot.

AutoPilot is a fixed-ratio, double-action piston proportioner that delivers continuous flow of two components in a precisely-controlled ratio. It's not a pump, but operates automatically using the fluid energy of the two pressurized components. Unlike other proportioning devices, the AutoPilot has no ball check valves, gears to wear, levers to flip, or ratios to set!

AutoPilot System Diagram
Air Logic


The Mattson AirLogic controller contains all the regulators and air connections needed for a complete air-driven system.


Using intrinsically-safe components with no electricity, AutoHeat utilizes standard shop air to warm material up to 100 degrees F. The lower viscosity of heated paint maximizes spray performance and improves the appearance of the finished product.


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