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Atom-Miser™ IQ™...the Intelligent Choice

At Mattson, we like to stay one step ahead of the competition. In fact, we were the first company to offer a pressure-fed gravity style High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray gun! Its unique design provides a transfer efficiency rate in excess of 65%, significantly reducing paint usage and hazardous waste disposal. For state-of-the-art automotive and industrial spray equipment that's environmentally safe and easy to use, there's only one name to remember—Mattson.

Atom-miser IQ

Atom-Miser IQ

Atom-Miser IQ...the result of intensive research that spans nearly a decade. Born of a painter's vision to achieve exceptional performance without the inefficiencies associated with high-pressure painting, the IQ has evolved far beyond our expectations. Mattson's award-winning, patented design features give you the competitive edge, allowing faster production, substantial material savings, and such incredible finish control, most factory finishes are easily matched right from the gun without detail work. The ergonomically-designed body delivers a new level of comfort and balance, yet maintains the "traditional" spray gun feel.

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Atom-miser IQ Top-Load

Atom-Miser IQ Top-Load

The Atom-Miser IQ Top-Load...Mattson's revolutionary performance is now available for painters who prefer the balance and feel of gravity-feed systems. A fully-pressurized cup delivers positive material flow regardless of cup volume, and performs identically to our legendary bottom-feed systems. Mattson's patented design features give you the competitive edge, allowing faster production, substantial material savings, and the finest finish control available.

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IQ-2Q Two-Quart Capacity System

IQ-2Q Two-Quart Capacity System

Lightweight and completely portable, the IQ-2Q offers twice the paint capacity of traditional cup systems without the limited mobility of large tanks. Designed specifically for the continuous-production painter, the system minimizes repeated refills and maximizes application ease and performance.

IQ-2Q incorporates Mattson's patented design features for increased production capacity, material savings and incredible finish control. For the first time ever, show-quality finishes and the comfort of a high-speed IQ production system are within your grasp!

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Fluid Nozzle Information including Air Cap CFM Rating and Spray Pattern Chart, Performance Settings and a High/Low Pressure Conversion Chart.

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